Special Effect Pigments for Skin Care / SKIN IN BALANCE


Special Effect Pigments for Skin Care


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Effect pigments for

personal care applications 

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PRODUCTS — inspired by Life


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It started with four questions we had in mind: 

What makes people buy products? Why do they buy 

them again? What makes people love products? 


What  makes people connect powerfully with brands?


Before we had the answers, we had a theory: It’s not just the 

products, it’s the people who made them, and their understanding 

of what consumers want, what they need, what they are longing 

for — not just in a product, but in life. It’s their ability to translate 

these desires into actual products.

We want to be those people. And because you can’t discover 

people’s desires in a laboratory, we changed our approach, left 

our laboratories, and started doing research in the real world. 

Now we know what 65% of French fathers want to feel like when 

playing with their kids on the beach. Or what 34% of American 

women really love to experience when they meet with other 

women, what 59% of Brazilian women desire on a night out, and 

what 59% of Chinese men defi nitely seek to avoid in life. 

But best of all, we have the scientifi c expertise to transform those 

consumer needs into ingredients for products made by your 

company. So that people will buy them. Buy them again. And fall 

in love with them. This is why we at Care Creations can truly say:


We are inspired by life.